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Environmental Health Science Student Club

The Environmental Health Science Club was established to introduce and guide students through the diverse and dynamic field of environmental health within the general discipline of Health Science. The purpose of the Club is to promote professional growth and leadership; stimulate awareness on environmental issues of local, national or global dimension; and to provide academic engagement along with social activities aimed at the educational growth of its membership. For more information about the Environmental Health Science Club, contact Dr. Lal S. Mian, Faculty Advisor, at (909) 537-7409 or email:

Club Officers for 2016-2017

President:Rodney Tolosa
Vice President: Heather Melendez
Secretary:Danica Leon
Treasurer:Rocio Ramirez
Executive Member:George Gonzales

Club Activities:


TALK by CDR Samuel Rudnitsky, US Public Health Service

Commander Samuel Rudnitsky will be giving a talk on US Public Health Service Environmental Health Officer Corps and their Student Internship Program on

Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 12:00 – 1:00 PM in Room PS-304.


Come and listen to what he has to say about a career in the US Public Health Service.



The first joint meeting of the the Environmental Health Science Student Club and the CSUSB Chapter of the Air & Waste Management  Association has been scheduled for next week. I understand that we all have different class schedules, but if you are available, please come to the meeting and meet your other colleagues in this major. This will be a great opportunity to know more about the program and your future job prospects. I also encourage all of you to join the club and experience student leadership roles. The day/date, time and place of the meeting are as follows:

Day/Date: Thursday / October 13, 2016
Time: 4:00 - 6:00pm (actual meeting starts at 4:30 pm)
Place: PS-304

P.S. There will be a $1.00 membership fee for those who want to become club members.
For specific club specific questions, direct your inquiries to either president:
EHSC President: Rodney Tolosa, phone: (951) 801-8521
A&WM Chapter President: Rudy Valencia, phone: (760) 787-5360

Hope to see you next week!

Freeway Adoption:
The Club has recently adopted a 2-mile stretch of highway, I-215, near the campus with its name display to publicize the environmental health science program. Due to the ongoing construction activity, the project has been on hold.

CSUSB Student Chapter of A&WMA-West Coast Section

The CSUSB Student Chapter is sponsored by the Mojave Desert Professional Chapter, West Coast Section, Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA). A&WMA was founded in 1907and is a nonprofit, technical and educational organization. The Association's goals are to strengthen the environmental profession, expand scientific and technological responses to environmental concerns, and assist professionals in critical environmental decision making to benefit society.

A&WMA has over 9,000 environmental professionals over 65 countries. It is divided into 33 regional sections, 67 local chapters and 40 student chapters worldwide. The Mojave Desert Chapter is one of seven professional chapters that comprise the West Coast section. For more information, visit the A&WMA website. For information contact the faculty advisor, Lal S. Mian at (909) 57-7409, email:

Chapter Officers for 2016-2017

President:Rudy valencia
Vice President:Frank Garcia
Secretary:Rachel Leimbach
Treasurer:David Tran
Executive Member: Zayre Ruiz

Chapter Activities: